Power restored to areas affected by pylon collapse

06 Mar 2019

​06 March 2019


Time: 08h30


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City Power technicians worked throughout the night to restore power in areas, including those in the East of Johannesburg affected by the fire yesterday on our infrastructure at Stjwetla informal settlement in Alexandra. 

Initial reports suggested that the fire was started when a City Power pylon collapsed on the shacks. 

However witnesses and our preliminary investigation suggest otherwise, including that the pylons fell during the fire which started earlier in one shack. 

We therefore cannot conclusively say the fire started by the pylons and live overhead lines. 

By their nature and design pylons are meant to withstand the harshest weather conditions and strongest winds. 

So our investigation will also look into whether the pylon structure was weakened or possibly vandalized during the encroachment by the shacks around it, making it susciptible to easy falling. 

Our technicians and investigators are back at the scene to make further assessments. 

So far we estimate that the cost to City Power infrastructure could be between R3 - 5 million, depending on the final assessment. 

We will start with the work to fix the lines and replace the pylons and overhead lines today. 

The work will not affect the supply of electricity as we have managed to backfeed to the areas that were initially cut yesterday. 

Isaac Mangena
City Power Spokesperson 
Twitter: @ice_izo / @CityPowerJHB
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