City Power implements stage 2 load shedding as per Eskom declaration

14 Mar 2019

14 March 2019

Time: 14h50

Media Alert

City Power has today received declaration of stage 2 load shedding from Eskom starting from 15h00 to 23h00.

Blocks to be affected by load shedding today between the times mentioned below are:

12H00 – 16h30:   Block 3A & 7A


16H00 – 20H30:   Block 4A & 8A


20H00 – 00H30:  Block 5A & 1B

(Extra 30minutes is added for rebooting)


As the supply may be restored at anytime, customers are urged to treat their electricity supply points as live at all times


Attached is the updated list of load shedding blocks and areas which may also be viewed on City Power website www.citypower.co.za


City Power will keep customers updated via twitter handle: @CityPowerJhb



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Issued by Sydney Mphahlele


For media queries please contact

Isaac Mangena – City Power Spokesperson on 0614442320

@Ice_izo @CityPowerJHB