City Power Johannesburg (SOC) Ltd is a municipal entity wholly owned by the City of Johannesburg. City Power commenced operations on 01 January 2001 and is responsible for electricity distribution within its area of supply in the City of Johannesburg. The Company provides services to a mix of approximately 3.2 million people.

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Executive Support 002 2019 ref 001v2Executive Support (x4)All GroupsVarious5/3/2019001002/2019
Manager_ Revenue Intergration 002 2019 ref 002v2Manager: Revenue Integration (X1)Metering ServicesRevenue Management5/3/2019002002/2019
Manager_ Revenue Protection 002 2019 ref 003v2Manager: Revenue Protection (X1)Metering ServicesRevenue Management5/3/2019003002/2019
General Manager_ Employee Service Centre 002 2019 ref 004v2General Manager: Employee Service Centre (X1)HR and TransformationEmployee Service Centre5/3/2019004002/2019
Manager_ Employee Relations.002 2019 ref 005v2Manager: Employee Relations(X1)HR and TransformationEmployee Relations5/3/2019005002/2019
Manager_ Skills Development 002 2019 ref 006v2Manager: Skills Development (X1)HR and TransformationTalent Management5/3/2019006002/2019
Chief Advisor_ HR Governance and Compliance 002 2019 ref 007v2Chief Advisor: HR Governance & ComplianceHR and TransformationEmployee Relations5/3/2019007002/2019
Practitioner Occupational Health 0022019 Ref 008v2Practitioner Occupational HealthHR and TransformationEmployee Wellness5/3/2019008002/2019
Practitioner Employee Assistance Programme 0022019 Ref 009v2Practitioner Employee Assistance ProgrammeHR and TransformationEmployee Relations5/3/2019009002/2019
Application Analyst SAP FI002 2019 ref 010v2Application Analyst SAP FI (X1)Enterprise SupportICT5/3/2019010002/2019
Specialist Server 002 2019 ref 011v2_updatedSpecialist Server (X1) Enterprise SupportICT5/3/2019011002/2019
Practitioner ICT Risk Management 002 2019 ref 012v2Practitioner: ICT Risk Management & Compliance (X1Enterprise SupportICT5/3/2019012002/2019
Manager_ Fire and Security Technology 002 2019 ref 013v2Manager: Fire & Security (X1)Enterprise SupportSecurity Risk Management5/3/2019013002/2019
Senior Officer_ Security Information Analysis and Surveillance Centre 02 2019 ref 014v2Security Information Analysis_Surveillance Centre Enterprise SupportSecurity Risk Management5/3/2019014002/2019
Operator_ Control Room (002 2019 ref 015v2Operator: Control Room (X1)Enterprise SupportSecurity Risk Management5/3/2019015002/2019
General Manager_ Strategy and Planning 002 2019 ref 016v2General Manager: Strategy & Planning (X1)Business SustainabilityStrategy & Planning5/3/2019016002/2019
Manager_ Compliance 002 2019 ref 017v2Manager: Compliance (X1)Business SustainabilityCompliance & Knowledge Management5/3/2019017002/2019
Manager_ Talent Acquisition 002 2019 ref 018v2Manager: Talent Acquisition (X1)HR and TransformationTalent Management5/3/2019018002/2019
General Manager_ Transformation 002 2019 ref 019v2General Manager: TransformationHR and TransformationTransformation5/3/2019019002/2019
System Control_System Controller- MOAS 002 2019 ref 020v2System Controller: MOASEngineering OperationsMAOS5/3/2019020002/2019