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City Power is responsible for providing electrical services to property owners in the City of Johannesburg that are not serviced by Eskom. To determine if you are a City Power customer you can check your existing City of Johannesburg invoice and see if you are being billed for electricity. If you don't have an invoice or if you don't have a service connection you can check the township list, it will indicate in whose supply area the property is.


The service connections we provide are divided into two categories namely Small Power Users (SPU) and Larger Power Users (LPU).

A Small Power User is defined as a user who has an electrical service connection no greater than 56 kVA (3 phase, 80 ampere). In general most households would have this type of service connection.

A Large Power User is defined as a user who has an electrical service connection larger than 56 kVA. In general these type of connections are used for medium and large commercial or industrial consumers as well as high density residential developments.


We want to provide property owners with the services they require in as short a time as possible To assist with this the information and documents required to make an application for electrical services are detailed in the documents on this webpage.

1. Apply to convert a SPU from postpaid to pre-paid billing

2. Apply for a new prepaid or postpaid SPU connection ( this guide also covers application for alterations to a small power user connection)

3. Apply for a new LPU connection (the guide also covers applications for alterations to a large power user connection)

The application form that needs to be submitted when making an application can also be found with the downloadable documents on the below table.   

The fully completed and signed application form as well as the supporting documents mentioned in the guideline can be submitted to Customer Services via email (in PDF format). Should the supporting documents not be submitted, it will result in a delay in processing the application. Please use the email address for the Region in which the property requiring the service connection is situated.


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Region B -

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​Application Form
New Service Connection Application Form
​Prepaid conversion (PPC)Guidelines to Prepaid Conversion
​Small Power User (SPU)
Guidelines for Small Service Connection
Large Power User (LPU)Guidelines for Large Service Connection
​Steps and days taken by City power departments to complete installation
Steps and taken to complete installation