Supplier Registration and Accreditation information

City Power Johannesburg (SOC)LTD hereby invites existing and prospective Suppliers of goods and services to apply to be registered on its Supplier Database via the new Vendor Portal System. Continuing our initiative to provide a seamless and prompt service engagement with our suppliers,we have introduced a Vendor Portal where current and potential vendors may register and keep their documentation updated.City Power will only require original copies of documentation at the stage of requesting quotations or when tenders are submitted.We request that each of our existing suppliers access the link at and on VENDOR PORTAL on the left hand side of the Website to register.

A user guide has been attached to this mail and support is available at 011-490-7112 during business hours

Vendor Portal User Manual

Supplier Registration

Compliance in registering your company via this portal results in the following benefits:

  • Remote upload of documentation that annually expires such as BEE certificates and Tax certificate.
  • Online verification of your company details that we currently have in our systems to ensure City Power's communication regarding opportunities.
  • Online view of request for tender information opportunities that are available at City Power.
  • Update of contracts and opportunities that have been awarded and the ability to lodge queries regarding these awards.
  • Being included in our rotation of suppliers when quotes are required.


Our Service team is available for any queries on 011-490-7112  and we hope that this initiative will further improve the communication of opportunities for your business at City Power.Once registration is complete,an email verifying your status will be sent to you as confirmation.


The Tender Office,

City Power