The following pointers are key in completing a sworn affidavit:
a) Name/s of deponent as they appear in the identity document and the identity number.
b) Designation of the deponent as either the director, owner or member must be indicated in order to know that person is duly authorised to depose of an affidavit
c) Name of enterprise as per enterprise registration documents issued by the CIPC, where applicable, and enterprise business address.
d) Percentage of black ownership, black female ownership and designated group. In the case of specialised enterprises as per Statement 004, the percentage of black beneficiaries must be reflected.
e) Indicate total revenue for the year under review and whether it is based on audited financial statements or management account.


Download the entire notice below:

Guide to completing B-BBEE Sworn Affidavit

Delivery, Collection of Goods and Provision of

Services during Lockdown


Dear Supplier,


Following the President's address on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the 15th of March 2020, and the subsequent lockdown announcement on the 23rd March 2020, we would love to assure that City Power fully observes all protocols and instructions communicated and gazetted by the President. 

As an essential service provider during this crisis, City Power will remain operational during the lockdown - and we need you to help us do the following:


  • Special Permit Access
  • Safeguarding your employees' health
  • Keeping our employees' safe


Kindly download the entire City Power Letter to Suppliers below:

City Power Letter to Suppliers




Please note the following arrangements with regards to receiving of inventory with immediate effect:


  • Deliveries shall be accepted between 7am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
  •  In the event that delivery of the goods can only be effected outside of the above stipulated times, arrangements shall be made with the Warehouse Manager prior to delivery taking place.


e-Tender Portal Notification

Dear Supplier

Please note that we are now advertising our tenders on the e-tender publication portal. To access the tenders, you can go to www.etenders.gov.za. City Power tenders are under COJ-City Power. Tender documents can be viewed online and printed when deciding to tender and submit.




Dear Supplier and general public

City Power would like to warn the general public especially its suppliers not to be duped by a syndicate that pretends to be City Power employees looking for quotations to buy products and services from our suppliers. To read the entire communication,

please use the link below to download the warning communication.

City Power Suppliers and General Public Communication


NB: Please note the clues to look for:


fictitious RFQ's

Account Confirmation Letter

Product Specification



Dear Supplier

Important Information to take note of:

  • The Invoice date to be captured on the portal is the Physical Invoice date on the suppliers invoice and not the upload date.
  • All invoices dated 1 April 2018 and thereafter must reflect vat at 15%, else Finance will have no choice but to reject the invoices which will affect the processing and payment of invoices.
  • Use the link below to upload invoices to City Power for payment purposes


  URL: https://vendorinvoices.citypower.co.za/CityPower/Account/Login



Dear Suppliers,

Please be advised that the only certificates that have been declared as valid by the BBBEE commission are the following: Please click the link below to read the entire document notice/

B-BBEE certificates


City Power invites interested parties to view the public adjudications of contracts and tenders in an effort to promote openness and transparency. The public shall have the right to attend meetings as observers only, of both Level 1 and Level 2 Bid Adjudication Committees at which bids in excess of R200 000 are to be adjudicated. Note that all bids in excess of R10 million can only be awarded by the Accounting Officer. The Level 1 Bid Adjudication Committee can only make a recommendation to the Accounting Officer.

Please click below to download (only if there is a scheduled Public Adjudication); otherwise please keep checking our website for future public adjudication sessions.